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July 23, 2007
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~rated m for soon to be sexual sences!~

Hidan and Hinata had just arrived at the Sauna’s most exclusive hotel, thanks to Hinata money and Hidan’s persuasive manner ~ehem~. They had gotten the best room in the house…err Hotel, well any way they went to their room…but the room was much more suitable for honeymooners!

Hinata looked around and had a suspicious evil glint in her eyes. Hidan was also looking around while thinking ‘Who the hell would sleep in such a colorful room? Not me! Hell no, fuck it! I would never be caught in such a girly room for more than 10 fucking minutes!’ Suddenly Hidan had a choking feeling and that there was something that was burning a hole at the back of his head, it felt sensual and dangerous. Hidan was now debating if he should turn around or what but that was also interrupted by a sudden hand slightly tracing his face and his chin from behind and then Hinata came into full view in front. (Fully clothed).

Hinata still had her evilly charming glint of lust and sensuality, but she was still conserved. Hinata then noticed that Hidan was speechless and to Hinata’s amusement Hidan was growing and hardening. ‘This is gonna be fun’ she thought as she smirked at her ‘lover’ and his look of concern. Hinata got closer and closer to Hidan until the gap between them was almost gone. She ever so lightly breathed on his mouth, poor Hidan was about to lose all his rationality just because of this ONE girl that had almost literally pined HIM to the bed.

“Hidan you have such a lovely face and a wonderfully shaped body,” she said ever so seductively, “too bad it might go to waste on someone unworthy…b-but Hidan-SAMA do you think I am worthy enough for you? Neh?”

Hook, line, and sinker. Hidan was a sucker for worshipers and worthiness. Hinata had found his weak spot and deliberately started to “jab” at it, if you will. Hidan had to calm down. He was a strong and free spirited kind of guy.

“Hinata,” he gulped almost too nervous to say much, “are you…uhh…ARE YOU A VIRGIN!?!?!” Hidan had lost it he didn’t even care if she wasn’t but if she was he would have to either invade her or sacrifice her…Hidan cannot even think which he would rather do…to him both are equally religious but it would scar poor defenseless Hinata… (Defenseless my ass!!!)

Hinata sat up and looked at Hidan a bit worried, “Why do you ask that, would it be bad if I wasn’t?” She questioned the ever almighty Hidan, “to most men a woman is only good when he is the first to have a spin…are you like that? Or are you just worried about me?”

“Hina-Chan look, I really wanna do this but I have to know… if you’re a virgin then… I just don’t wanna hurt you…” He said a bit ashamed that he was getting soft.

Hinata looked down and started to shiver violently, “Hidan-sama I am a virgin…” She suddenly brightened up “but I want you to be my first time! Please!!! I will always have time for you!” She started to slowly take off Hidan’s Shirt, and she started to blush even more when she saw his amazing chest. She traced every inch of his muscular chest with her very delicate hands, Hidan started to get very hard and fast! He hadn’t been laid in the past 20 years for some reason, and to think that he is abnormally large!

Hinata unzipped Hidan’s pants and pulled them off along with his boxers, Hinata slowly took off her own shirt and pants. Then as if on cue Hidan unhooked Hinata’s black lace bra and took off her panties very gingerly. He kissed her neck and she moaned deeply. She bit his bottom lip and he played with her nipples. She gingerly took his pride and massaged it, while he tried to hold in all his emotions and ‘liquid’ with in himself. Then Hinata stopped.

“Hidan p-please take me.” She said every so seductively.
Hidan and Hinata ...No itach this time suckers!!
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